The US has a problem with fake news

If you ask an American which country is the most brainwashed in the world, a common answer will be “China”. Americans think that China is a country where the all-powerful state arrests anyone with a dissenting opinion, that the government brainwashes all its citizens to think in the same manner.

There is only one country in the world that has managed to indoctrinate their own citizens with an idea of its own supremacy, infallibility, and seeks to assert its foreign policy on the world stage through public opinion – both domestic and international. That country is the United States. Every American believes what the US newspapers and news media prints, the only difference is which one they believe in.

The US government, using its propaganda arm Radio Free America and the State department, works hand in hand with the media, especially Murdoch-owned newspapers to propagate fake news.

Looking through news aggregators, reddit forums like /worldnews and /news, its shocking how much propaganda is spread on a daily basis.

The example above was one of the top posts of the week on Reddit, with over 85,000 upvotes and multiple “gilds” was exposed to be fake news. A Murdoch newspaper cited Radio Free Asia, the CIA’s propaganda arm, who claimed the doctor had disappeared because she wasn’t using social media for a few days.

Keep in mind that most such posts aren’t exposed, or if they are its dismissed as either CCP shilling or Russian bots. Another such example here. An earlier post I made details how multiple US media sites such as the New York Times made up the whole “China covered up” narrative:

All of the articles follows the same modus operandi.

The sources quoted are always from “unnamed officials”, “Radio Free Asia”, “independent analysts”, “a report by US-funded NGOs” and etcetera.

The complicit news agencies report it as fact and the brainwashed American population parrot it everywhere, without once looking past the headline and researching its credibility.

Remember, this is only external-focused news. There’s a whole other monster in the domestic news of the US. Things like news stations calling the virus a “hoax“.

The greatest threat to world peace is not China or any other country, its the US State Department pushing its narrative hand in hand with the media. It’s the same forces that created the Iraq and Libya invasions, and possibly will create the invasion of even more countries in the future.

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