Listed: The US’s atrocious response to the virus

A short list of the mishaps the US government has faced in its handling of the virus.


Trump calling the virus a hoax

News station host calling it a hoax

Trump downplaying the virus all the way until March 16

Government censorship

The Trump administration barred a top US disease expert from speaking freely to the public

Official: White House didn’t want to tell seniors not to fly

Trump tried to stall intelligence report by DNI, cut funding for pandemic preparedness, CDC

CDC wanted to recommend all over 60 to remain inside their homes, but was instructed not to by government officials

Refusal to disclose which nursing homes have confirmed cases

Seattle lab uncovered Washington’s coronavirus outbreak only after defying federal regulators

Pentagon orders Fort Bliss, other posts not to report virus cases as 1st service member dies & military infections reach 1,000

Fired for raising coronavirus alarm, US Navy captain Brett Crozier tests positive

Censoring of doctors

ER doctor fired after criticizing coronavirus response at his hospital in Washington

Hospitals Tell Doctors They’ll Be Fired If They Speak Out About Lack of Gear

Fake numbers of cases

Lawmaker Condemns ‘Unacceptable’ CDC Decision to Stop Disclosing Number of Coronavirus Tests

Medical professionals around the US say the officials are under-reporting the number of CoronaVirus deaths they’re seeing on the front lines.

Harvard professor: US cases may be 10 times higher than reported due to lack of testing

Coronavirus death toll: Americans are almost certainly dying of covid-19 but being left out of the official count

US coronavirus death count likely an underestimate. Here’s why

Incompetence in testing

Manufacturing defects leading to days of delays

Testing 400 people in 40 days while the world has tests hundreds of thousands

A Pennsylvania state laboratory is now able to handle about six tests per day

As of March 3rd, New York City has only tested 17 people for coronavirus

CDC Tested Just 77 People For Coronavirus This Week (article dated 13 Mar)

Sick People Across the U.S. Say They Are Being Denied the Coronavirus Test

The entire state of Indiana has 100 tests

“Unless you are hospitalized and a diagnosis will impact your care, you will not be tested,” the New York State Department of Health said.

Multiple reports of suspected cases being rejected for testing

TSA officer has coronavirus symptoms but is unable to get tested.

Sheer incompetence

Oklahoma governor urges residents to join him at crowded food hall

Florida governor refuses to shut down beaches amid spread of coronavirus

Using refrigeration trucks as a morgue

Nurses die due to lack of protective gear

Governor Rejects State Lockdown For COVID-19: ‘Mississippi’s Never Going to Be China’

DC hospital nurse resigns over lack of PPE

A 17-year-old in Los Angeles County who died on March 18 was turned away from an urgent-care center due to lack of insurance

Texas governor overrides earlier restrictions, allows religious gatherings

Coronavirus Cases Have Surged, But The US Is Refusing To Take The World’s Most Available Masks

Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a cure for Covid-19

Georgia beaches reopen after Gov. Kemp’s Executive Order dissolves local ordinances

Diversion of medical supplies

Coronavirus: anger in Germany at report Trump seeking exclusive vaccine deal

White House tried to force 3M to send masks from Singapore to US

US hijacking mask shipment destined for France in rush for coronavirus protection

Coronavirus: face masks bound for Canada and Germany diverted to US, Germany’s interior minister deplores ‘act of modern piracy’

3M asked to stop exporting N95 respirators to Canada and Latam by US government – they have politely and publicly said No

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