The man behind the recent anti-China frenzy

Its no secret that the US doesn’t exactly have a good relationship with China, but for much of the 2000s it has been a fairly muted, non-confrontational relationship.

In recent years, however, that has changed. Wave of wave of western media attention has been specifically directed towards China, switching from one issue to the next, things like surveillance, 5G, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, organ harvesting, Covid-19, Taiwan. The hottest stories are always about China and how evil China as a nation truly is, and how China is trying to extend their claws to the American people.

And the American people have eaten it all up without once questioning the headlines that these “news” sites publish, despite all the issues being either completely false or incredulously exaggerated. In my other posts, I dig deeper into the western media reports and expose how almost all of them are sourced from either US-funded NGOs or the US State Department.

The first turning point was the unveiling of Xi Jinping’s BRI initiative. Such an initiative threatened US hegemony which the US government could not allow. As such, US misinformation efforts stepped up, influencing the populace of key states such that cooperation with China would be politically unviable.

The most recent turning point has been the appointment of Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director as Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo, being a CIA veteran is an expert at misinformation, as he so admitted himself. With his new position as Secretary of State, he now has the power to use misinformation campaigns as a weapon to further his personal views and attack China. Ever since Pompeo’s appointment, anti-China rhetoric has been on the up and up.

One example is the Huawei issue, whereby Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested and bogus claims of Huawei backdoors and spying were repeatedly made by the US government. This claim has been thoroughly debunked. An 18 month investigation into Huawei by the US government yielded absolutely nothing. The head of UK’s National Cyber Security Centre reports that there has been absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing by Huawei. Huawei even invited US agencies to analyse its source code but was rejected. In Jan 2020 when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that Huawei would not be banned, Mike Pompeo was the first to pressure him to reconsider.

Another example is his claim of Covid-19’s origins. In May 2020, Pompeo claimed that there was “Enormous evidence Covid-19 came from Wuhan lab”. This has been rebutted by almost everyone credible, from US disease expert Anthony Fauci to the World Health Organisation to the Five Eyes intelligence group. White House Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Mark Milley has said that evidence suggests coronavirus was not man-made or released from lab.

It is clear that Mike Pompeo is at least part of the cause of the recent anti-China frenzy, alongside other factors like the GOP’s “blame China” political strategy and holdovers of anti-communist mentality from the Cold War era.

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